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Ciandra and I were colleagues at Legacy Community Health where she displayed outstanding leadership and advanced knowledge of marketing and communications practices on diverse projects such as the agency’s World AIDS Day observation and the Affordable Care Act enrollment promotions. She also developed and helped launch Legacy’s public affairs and advocacy radio program called, The Pulse on KPFT 90.1 FM.

Not only is Ciandra an exceptional professional, she is a dedicated and disciplined in ensuring the agency she supports is successful and productive. She cares about her teammates and their personal and professional well-being

Januari Leo

Director of Development: UH Graduate School of Social Work

I recently had the great pleasure of working with Ciandra on her tribute book, Status Quo: 52 weeks of affirmations, honoring the memory of her husband Anthony ZIN Mills. Ciandra is creatively open-minded yet decisive, which makes working with her fun, exciting and productive. I sincerely  look forward to working with her again.

Jill Feuk 

Freelance Graphic Designer

Ciandra is not only a joy to work with personally, but her professionalism is beyond reproach.  In the short time I worked with Ciandra, she produced clear, quantifiable PR products and services for our organization. Her work for us entailed media training for employees, local and national media coverage, and even a professionally produced radio talk show that allows us to share more of our platform in an innovative way.  Her leadership style is to walk quietly while carrying a big stick, and it suits her. An organization that Ciandra supports is an organization with a secret weapon in its pocket.

Maya Ford

(Former) Senior Director of Marketing, Legacy Community Health

Ciandra became a tremendous asset to the City and to me. She followed our procedures while bringing a fresh approach to press releases, community events, and photo opportunities.

Cathy Noon 

(Former) Mayor, City of Centennial, Colo.

Although it was for such a short time, Ciandra came to my rescue as a temporary Communications Manager. With little to no training, she literally jumped into the deep blue and brought a proficient calmness to what could have been chaos. Ciandra immediately “took charge” and organized numerous city events, feverishly working to bring in large sponsorships, and continuing to manage the day to day internal and external outreach programs. She was a blessing!

Jacque Wedding-Scott

(Former) City Manager, City of Centennial, Colo.

It was extremely helpful that Ciandra has excellent judgment and communications skills. She provided high quality work products that included new content for our website, background materials for a cable television show production and letters and memos for the District Attorney’s signature.

Lynn Kimbrough

(Former) Director of Communications, Denver’s District Attorney’s Office 

We received Ciandra’s ideas well as a result of her polished presentation skills and calm, composed demeanor. She has deep knowledge of communications methods and audiences as well as innovative ideas for publicity, event planning and outreach.

NASA Johnson Space Center, Public Affairs and Communications Office

Ciandra diligently worked with my office (space station science office)  to ensure our outreach goals were met.  As a result, we have established new relationships with potential space station researchers from Emory University, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the University of Arizona.

Dr. Tara M. Ruttley

space station scientist, NASA Johnson Space Center

With the tremendous efforts of the staff, the School Partners Program has helped changed the lives of hundreds of Denver’s children by putting them on a path to success. Furthermore, the School Partners Program has engaged community members to become a part of the achievement and success of Denver’s students.

Michael Bennet – United States Senator, Colo.

(Former) Denver Public Schools Superintendent

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