The Interactive Resume

As we all know, content these days is more digital and interactive. When it comes to your resume, the same shareable content rules apply.

My resume is visible on my site, but instead of stagnate words on a page, I decided to hyperlink my accomplishments and experiences to relevant articles (or actual earned media placements), videos and social media posts.

This tactic is quick, easy and allows readers of your resume to interact with your wonderful professional experiences. I really believe our resumes, cover letters and professional websites should flow like a story (thank you Forbes Magazine). We want people to enjoy reading about our journey through work and life.  Note: Don’t forget to periodically check your links to ensure they work.


esthetician & budding HERBALIST…

For more than 13 years, I have informally studied the areas of wellness, skin care, beauty and fitness. My more recent, professional interest in the field grew from tragedy. In early 2016, my husband was instantly killed in a car accident.

To cope with my grief and heal myself, I decided to dig deeper and formally educate myself about physical and emotional wellness.

Beginning July 2016, I began my journey to become a licensed esthetician and herbalist.  I enrolled in the School of Botanical & Medical Aesthetics as well as Herbalism Roots (Denver’s only comprehensive herbalism program). During my year-long, intense studies, I gained a great amount of knowledge and I noticed my broken heart beginning to heal…Connecting with mother nature on a deeper level and receiving facial services every weekend will make a girl feel better.

To say the least, the lessons learned in school changed my life and I am extremely blessed and honored to have this knowledge and a different set of skills.

Status Quo: 52 weeks of affirmations

Status QuoPeace! I am so excited to announce ZIN’s new book, Status Quo: 52 weeks of affirmations.  Please read the foreword below. Thanks so much for your love and support!

Status Quo: 52 weeks of affirmations Foreword…
ZIN always strived to make ALL people feel important and valued. He was very active on social media, especially Facebook. Oftentimes, his posts were affirming messages to family and friends and his ‘status quo’ was to empower and encourage people to do great things. Status Quo: 52 weeks of affirmations, is a compilation of ZIN’s most positive and uplifting Facebook status updates. When used for good, social media definitely has the power to inspire, educate and yes, affirm… #ZinMemorialProject

Thanks to the Houston Chronicle for the lovely article.

Hidden Figures: When Computers Wore Skirts


Katherine Johnson was 90 on Tuesday, an apt date because it also was National Equality Day.  Not that she ever thought she wasn’t equal.

“I didn’t have time for that,” said Johnson in her Hampton home. “My dad taught us ‘you are as good as anybody in this town, but you’re no better.’ I don’t have a feeling of inferiority. Never had. I’m as good as anybody, but no better.”

But probably a lot smarter. She was a “computer” at Langley Research Center “when the computer wore a skirt,” said Johnson. More important, she was living out her life’s goal, though, when it became her goal, she wasn’t sure what it involved. Read More

Source: Jim Hodges – NASA Langley