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Tri County Public Health Department

My Role

Strategic Communications Manager – I provided marketing communications services to Tri County Public Health Department.

My work

During my time at Tri County Public Health Department, I developed and oversaw the execution of the agency’s flu prevention campaign, Don’t Let the Flu Mess with You! Get the Shot. Below is information about the campaign and the results.

Campaign name – Don’t let the flu mess with you! Get the shot

Campaign overview – The overall goal of the campaign is to re-educate audiences about the effectiveness of flu prevention measures (e.g. washing hands, etc.) and to reinforce the importance of receiving the flu vaccine.

Campaign concept

  • People are busy and have many obligations. Having the flu disrupts life’s activities. Don’t risk missing a birthday party or fun times with family because of the flu.
  •  Colorful visuals that depict the flu as an annoying monster whose mission is to mess up life.

Campaign personality

  • Appeal to younger audiences – Older demographics are more likely to get an annual flu shot. Younger demographics (people under 25) are not as consistent with receiving a yearly flu shot. We want to influence behavior among younger audiences by encouraging them to include an annual flu shot as part of their regular health care routine.
  • Educational – We want to ensure people are informed about the annoyance of the flu. We also want to re-educate people about how to protect themselves from the illness
  • Relatable – Yes, the flu can be very dangerous and fatal in some cases. More than anything, getting the flu is a big disruption and can affect life’s many activities
  • Action-oriented – Get the flu shot

Campaign elements 

  • Internal communications – Promotion of flu prevention methods among staff members
  • Proactive media outreach – Ensure Tri County Public Health is the main source for flu prevention information to the media
  • Social media and web presence – Online engagement with target audiences and distributing flu prevention information via various social media platforms
  • Marketing collateral – Posters, buttons and flu prevention fact sheets to distribute to the public

Campaign creative

Snowman Birthday Dinner

A Few campaign results

Media placements – Tri County Public Health was featured on a 5 p.m. KUSA Channel 9 segment about flu prevention and the difference between the flu mist and shot.

Flu prevention webpage 

*Total unique web page visits – More than 1500 (*Excludes visits originating from TCHD)

Webpage rank – 10th most visited webpage on

Interesting note:  The campaign resonated mostly with females, especially teenage girls (13-17 years old). I believe most women, age 18-34 know the importance of getting a flu vaccine for themselves and family members; however, teenage girls may not be aware. It is important to instill healthy behaviors early in life. This campaign exposed teen girls to flu prevention messaging. Hopefully, they internalize the messaging and include flu vaccination a part of their routine health care as adults.