August 2015 Denver Post

Denver Post


Sticking up for Coke, sort of…

This op-ed piece was in the Denver Post this morning and the writer’s perspective is interesting. Personally, I still believe there is no reason for anyone to drink soda. If a liquid is strong enough to melt battery acid, then it’s not meant for human consumption. Not only does soda contribute to our nation’s obesity problem, but it’s terrible for your teeth. The best beverage is straight up water. I know water isn’t fun or as sexy, but it so good for you…Just my two cents.

August 2015 Creative Bloq


25 brilliantly creative resumés

I LOVE creative people, especially in this day in age. We are bombarded with words, images and sounds. It certainly takes a lot of thought to push through all the noise. When it comes to applying for jobs, people who grab the attention of an employer will get the interviews. These resume sure would catch my eye. Be cautious though, the resumes showcased in this article may not be appropriate for every job application. The key message here is…know your audience people.