ATTN: Know your worth! 

It’s hard to know how much you’re worth (salary wise). When presented with a job offer, it’s nerve wracking to have the money conversation. Many career articles tell people to negotiate their salary, but how do people negotiate salaries when they’re unsure of how much they’re ‘worth’.

I recently located a WONDERFUL salary guide, courtesy of The Creative Group, titled 2015 Moolah Palooza. The guide is extremely comprehensive and provides insight about current salary trends for PR, marketing, communications, digital communications, graphic design, etc. professionals.

The guide also has a section for readers to calculate salaries based on different markets (Obviously, The salary range for ‘Director of Communications’ is much different in San Francisco, CA vs. Boise, ID). Check out the guide and store it away for when you need it.

P.S This guide can also help our freelance friends too!


The next generation after Millennials just got a new name!

Apparently MTV named the generation, following the Millennials, the Founders. This generation includes people born after 2000. It will be interesting to learn more about the ‘Founders’ and how they plan to change the world in the next 20 years. I can already predict substantial technological advancements in our future. I’m looking forward to a ‘Founder’ inventing a time machine.

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What is strategic communications?

Strategic Communications (SC) provides a conceptual umbrella that enables organizations to integrate their disparate messaging efforts. It allows them to create and distribute communications that, while different in style and purpose, have an inner coherence. This consistency can, in some instances, foster an echo chamber that reinforces the organizational message and brand. At minimum, it prevents contradictory, confusing messaging to different groups across all media platforms.

Yes! This is how I define my profession and everyday I try to advocate for the strategic communicator. Please internalize the above definition and be open minded about the capabilities of the SC professional.

We are big picture thinkers dedicated to ensuring organizations lean forward through the synchronization of images, actions and words (Thank you Robert Hastings) to accomplish their hopes, wishes, dreams, goals and objectives.

Your website and social media platforms should frolic together in a field of daisies….


A website is the BEST platform to share your story. Social media platforms should always drive people to the stories shared on the website. It’s a beautiful thing when social media and web communications jive with each other to promote a brand, engage audiences and hopefully gain new clients or supporter.

Note: For all my public sector folks…building a brand is important! More than ever, government agencies and NGOs must promote their mission and successes in order to remain relevant in the community. Don’t think you have ‘clients’ because you’re non-profit? Think again. You have tax payers, donors and many other stakeholders who have an interest in your potential achievements.

For more information about this sort of thing, please read this article I found on LinkedIn from Cision. 

August 2015 Denver Post

Denver Post


Sticking up for Coke, sort of…

This op-ed piece was in the Denver Post this morning and the writer’s perspective is interesting. Personally, I still believe there is no reason for anyone to drink soda. If a liquid is strong enough to melt battery acid, then it’s not meant for human consumption. Not only does soda contribute to our nation’s obesity problem, but it’s terrible for your teeth. The best beverage is straight up water. I know water isn’t fun or as sexy, but it so good for you…Just my two cents.