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School Partners Program

About DPS’ Schools Partners Program

For a school to be great, the surrounding community must support teachers and students…

The School Partners Program creates meaningful partnerships between Denver’s community and Denver Public Schools (DPS). Through this unique program, local businesses and community organizations (big and small) team up with specific DPS schools to contribute to the success of every DPS student.

The School Partners Program is a collaboration between the Denver Public Schools Foundation, Mile High United Way and Denver Public Schools. The program creates tailor-made partnerships between schools and businesses and community organizations to help every DPS student succeed.  School Partners provide a combination of volunteer time, in-kind contributions and financial resources to meet the specific needs of their partner school. (Source: School Partners Program website)

My role: Program marketing, volunteer coordination, donation management, event planning, and much more

Below is a brief summary of Schools Partners Program impacts…

DPS teachers observed significant positive effects in both student conduct and academic achievement because their school was a part of the program.

Volunteers from the business community  and school participant survey respondents gave high ratings to their overall program experience.

Volunteer from the business community most frequently mentioned tutoring and special events assistance as types of activities they participated in with their adopted school

Financial donations for schools were used to address a variety of school needs such as school supplies, computers, new desks and uniforms.

When asked what their most memorable/rewarding experiences were as volunteers, a number of surveyed indicated that reading, tutoring and working with the students was their favorite aspect of the program. Also, helping to fund specific academic programs was also mentioned.

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