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Communications Products ?>

Communications Products

I developed these products to promote Legacy’s services and accomplishments. These items were used to attract new clients, inform legislators about Legacy and much more!

Legacy Community Health – Fact Sheet

I wrote the content and worked with a graphic designer on the branded look and feel.




Legacy Community Health – 2014/2015 Annual Report

I am very proud of this piece to say the least.

Legacy is best known for providing high quality comprehensive health care services to anyone, regardless of who they are. They have sincere compassion for the communities they serve and I wanted to showcase Legacy’s compassion, mission / brand and strengths in a beautiful way.

I was inspired by Life Magazine and how the publication presented real life (even the unpleasant parts) in an elegant, thought provoking manner. Similar to Life’s presentation of society, Legacy (in addition to treating patients) addresses societal and health care issues that inspire, invoke discussion and action.

Every image in the annual report is either a Legacy patient, employee or donor. Every story (authored by moi) focuses on the agency’s successes and the experiences of people affected by Legacy. To develop the annual report, I worked with Smiley Pool, a Pulitzer Prize winning, photojournalist from the Dallas Morning News. I also worked with Pam Olsen, a former art director from the Houston Chronicle on the layout and design. I hope you enjoy the read.


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