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ATTN: Know your worth!  ?>

ATTN: Know your worth! 

It’s hard to know how much you’re worth (salary wise). When presented with a job offer, it’s nerve wracking to have the money conversation. Many career articles tell people to negotiate their salary, but how do people negotiate salaries when they’re unsure of how much they’re ‘worth’.

I recently located a WONDERFUL salary guide, courtesy of The Creative Group, titled 2015 Moolah Palooza. The guide is extremely comprehensive and provides insight about current salary trends for PR, marketing, communications, digital communications, graphic design, etc. professionals.

The guide also has a section for readers to calculate salaries based on different markets (Obviously, The salary range for ‘Director of Communications’ is much different in San Francisco, CA vs. Boise, ID). Check out the guide and store it away for when you need it.

P.S This guide can also help our freelance friends too!


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